I Taught English as a Foreign Language for 8 Years: Here Are 5 Copywriting Lessons It Taught Me (Spelling and Grammar Not Included)

#1: Use simple language

#2: Check

#3: Relate your examples to their day-to-day life

  • use the language they use,
  • make references they get
  • and speak to their fears and desires that motivate them.

#4: Start with where they are and move them to the next step

  • What do they want now?
  • What do they know about you?
  • What do they believe at this moment?

#5: Just get them to take the next step

Now you don’t have to spend 8 years teaching English



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Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson

Most creators struggle to stand out and make sales due to their average copy. I help you write copy that converts so you can pursue the life you want.