The Hidden Podcasting Lesson I Learned from the Best Piece of Photography Advice I Was Given

Chris Wilson
1 min readSep 6, 2022

Seven years ago I started taking pictures of strangers in the street.

It was all Eric Kim’s fault. I had discovered him after I bought my first DSLR camera. Although I’m not a street photographer anymore, the lesson of advice he gave me still reaps benefits today including in podcasting.

“Make 100 bad [podcast episodes]”

The actual advice was 100 bad photos and it changed my creative process.

Previously, I got caught up in trying to make something perfect from the start. I’d waste days thinking through ideas till I got it right.

But now everything is different.

I still consider ideas first, but I’m not paralysed by it. After a pre-set amount of time I test the ideas out by creating bad versions. I’m not aiming to create something great, just to get the bad versions out of my system first.

By accepting a certain number of bad items, I can clear the creative faucet and build the skills to create something good.

If have been paralysed from recording your first podcast (or any other creative endeavour) then just get started. You’ll learn more than watching another YouTube video or reading another thread.



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