The ONE tip I wish someone had told me when I started copywriting

Get a copywriting job as soon as you can

Writing for someone else is completely different for writing for yourself.

1. Put all those copywriting tips to the test

Skills can’t be learned just from book, they need to be done.

2. You’ll get REAL feedback

You and your mom may like your writing, but does anyone else?

3. Getting paid is motivating

I can still remember the first PayPal statement I got for my writing.

4. Getting paid will kill your imposter syndrome

When someone pays you for your content, you have proof that you aren’t an imposter.

5. You need to build your portfolio

Your portfolio is key to getting more work.

So, how to get your first job?

If you’re onboard, then you have two options.

  1. Head over to a job site like upwork and create a profile for yourself (and apply for some jobs).
  2. Let your friends and network know you are available for hire.



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Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson

Most creators struggle to stand out and make sales due to their average copy. I help you write copy that converts so you can pursue the life you want.